Cholo Dogs is basically one big party. The culture is fun, the environment is vibrant and we wanted to reflect that throughout the branding process to supply the client with a total brand package that represents their personality perfectly.

Our design team absolutely nailed this branding project and it gave way to developing an entire brand identity – a voice complete with characters, backstories, and meaning. The next time you're ordering a Cholo Dog, ask them about Franco!



Desiging a brand like Cholo Dogs was second nature to our Art Director, Agustin. He executed this project to perfection and ultimate built a brand that has become a staple in the Orlando food scene in just a short amount of time.

The font and typography on the logomark and the logotype lend itself to South American origins and the colors play off of the fun and unique food concept.



"The Ween Machine" as Franco calls it, is a hotdog slingin' monster that draws people in with a one of a kind stylized wrap that was designed by hand with immense detail from our very own Art Director, Agustin.

The cart fits the brand and personality of Cholo Dogs so well that it has become a landmark in the Orlando area.



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