Facebook Ads can be pivotal to any business that is looking to increase the return on their investments, boost quarterly sales, or broaden the reach of their brand. At HIFIVE, we've been lucky enough to work with clients that fully trust our process and because of that, we've been successful generating leads while also tracking lead sources. In turn, our team has been able to source the return on ad spend which demonstrates the true value of Facebook Ads. Have a look below!




"We placed our trust in Chris and company to elevate our registration numbers to new heights through the use of Facebook Ads. The HIFIVE team did not disappoint."


First Come, First Serve

Our client's first time dipping their toes into Facebook Ads turned our to be very successful. After a lengthy 30 day planning period that consisted of compiling contact lists, data points, and audience segments – we unrolled what was soon to be a massive first time success.


Facebook Ads To The Rescue

After just 45 days in market we were able to generate nearly $145,000 in net revenue for our client. That is what we consider a massive success when you consider the initial investment of just under $15,000.

The key to this campaign was a rigorous funnel strategy that allowed us to leverage our custom audiences so that we could specifically target qualified users throughout their consideration and consumption paths.

Let's Get


Hifive is an award-winning lead generation agency and we're proud to say we apply an award-winning mentality to every client we work with. 

Our team is comprised of talented strategists and optimization professionals that have a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise developing powerful lead generation campaigns on just about any platform you can think of!

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