Lead Generation is fun for us! We think that's why we've had so much success with it. Our team has developed a process to plan, launch, optimize, and report on all things related to lead generation efforts. 

We heavily research our target audiences, develop key messaging, build high powered landing pages that operate at high conversion levels. All of these ingredients mixed together lead to higher sales, more revenue, and growth for your business.


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"HIFIVE helped our sales team set company sales records for five consecutive months with a lead generation strategy that they developed. Our company thrived after we started to work with them!"


Understanding The Objectives

Understanding our clients' objectives is the most important key to figuring out when, where, and how to generate leads. Audience insights tell us when our demographic is searching, which platforms they trust, and when they feel comfortable converting. As a result – we can maintain objectives and exceed expectations through diligent research and rigorous optimization.

Here are a few numbers that helped our client building a company to an $8 Million revenue beast in just four years.


Results First, Growth Second

At first, our client was apprehensive to fully invest in Google Ads as the main source of their lead generation. Bit by bit we were able to quantify the investment and as a result, it proved to be the highest source of leads generated and also sales closed – which was a major factor of success according to the client.

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Let's Get


Hifive is an award-winning lead generation agency and we're proud to say we apply an award-winning mentality to every client we work with. 

Our team is comprised of talented strategists and optimization professionals that have a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise developing powerful lead generation campaigns on just about any platform you can think of!

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