HIFIVE is rethinking the connection that people have with brands, businesses, and organizations. We believe in connecting brands with audiences through messaging, relevancy, and culture.

Rethinking culture gives HIFIVE an approach that is different, fresh, and welcomed. Our team has learned through personal and professional experiences that consumers want ‘new’. By rethinking culture, we connect consumers with the ‘new’ and ‘improved’. This fresh perspective is what helps us traverse tasks with effective solutions for our clients.


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Chris Delahoz


Chris is a graduate of UCF and Rollins. His professional experience consists of developing multi-media marketing strategies, implementing high-converting conversion funnels, in-depth data and analytics reporting, and advanced consumer research. He has had the opportunity to manage over $10 Million in ad budgets annually. Chris currently holds a chair on the board for Orlando City Soccer Foundation and is an active member of organizations like Coral Reef Alliance, and Ocean Minded Research Project.

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